This past year I had the pleasure of working with the brilliant director, camera operator and storyteller, Bligh Gillies, @blighguy , who I collaborated with to make a video about my recent paintings and my relationship to this landscape.⁣ 

⁣When my family moved to Tahoe about 6 years ago, it took me a while to figure out who I was and how to make art here that felt like mine. Discovering trail running was a portal through which I was able to discover this place that felt personal and mystical and relevant.⁣ 





The surface of a painting is a place to mine, to dig, to add to, and from which to subtract in the hopes of arriving at an image that is yet unknown. I find correlations between this activity as a painter to an analogous one of attempting to understand authenticity as a psychological state. 

In my recent work, i’ve been using still life objects from my immediate natural environment as starting points for abstraction. Five years ago, I relocated from New York City, to South Lake Tahoe, CA - landscapes to be considered as polar opposites. This new series of work, titled, “High Country,” is evolving out of my exploration of this new topography, the new air and light, and the experience of living in the mountains as a contemporary artist and thinker.  

For several years, I’ve used language as a visual code for thought that goes beyond standard comprehension to become meaningful as an image as well as text. The basic questions that have always driven my art making beg the conventional notions of internal vs. external landscapes. I am trying to find a way to blur these boundaries and create layers that more closely resemble the complicated ways we experience the world.  





Small Trade Company/ Matt Dick 

Sathit Sattarasart 

Steve Lambert 

Transmedia Post Graduate Program in Arts, Media and Design 


Jacob K. Javits Fellowship for Graduate Studies 

Tyler School of Art, University Fellowship for Graduate Studies 



The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts 

Vermont Studio Center, Joan Mitchell Fellow 


Sierra Nevada College MFA-Interdisciplinary Arts 

Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Fine Arts 

Tyler School of Art, Temple University 

University of Iowa, Department of Art and Art History